Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Killing Floor and the Amazing Grand Chapeteau

The Killing Floor

A break in my rehearsals for Kooza and a moment with the empty stage under Le Grand Chapeteau, the big top here on Randall’s Island, New York City. This is the killing floor I will be sharing with the 50 other amazing athlete/artists in this amazing show. Up center is the Bataclan, the three story, moving set piece that houses the band and from which all of Kooza spills and eventually returns.


If the word amazing was not in the dictionary it would have had to be created to describe this show.

Also amazing are the two other clowns I will be working with on this glossy plateau. Christian Fitzharris, a dimpled delight and master of mirth and Jimmy Slonina, a brilliant clown/actor with more chops than a 100 Jackie Chan movies.

Christian and Jimmy put on their war paint.

Together with comic genius Gordon White, they are generously helping to incorporate me into the show and no actor on Earth could wish for a better group of guys to work with. Or a better place to clown around in. Le Grand Chapeteau indeed.

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