Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pantheists Only

This is a dog just doin' his thing on the cool marble steps of the Acroplis.

There are too many tourists at the Acropolis and also at Delphi.

Theory:I really think it should be closed to the public. in fact I think the fact that these tourists are tromping all over these sacred stones may be the cause of all the unrest in our modern world. Some kid carelessly leap frogs the stump of a column from Apollo's temple for a cute snap shot and Bam! -you've got Global Warming. (Apollo/Sun God)
Pose with your head jutting out where time has beheaded the statue of Eris (God of Discord) and the divorce rate soars. Some asshole sticks his gum under a ledge in Athena's Sanctuary and all wisdom is sucked out of our leaders brains and dumped into the Styx. You get the idea.

The only people who should be allowed on this hallowed ground are true believers of the pantheistic system and their priests. (this would of course include me.) And maybe some Druids. That's it.

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