Monday, August 24, 2009

Soar In Peace

My heart is heavy for the family of Theirry Thys, the extraordinary man whose list of remarkable achievements include conceiving the divine Danielle Thys.

He is now soaring over those damn pearly gates in one of his gliders, his shoes off and his eyes sparkling.

Mr. Thys, who considered it a crime against nature to do anything half-assed, soared out of this life on a mountain ridge in Northern Idaho.
He was remarked to have said “You can either do something or you can die trying to do something or you can die before you even tried.”

Thank you Thierry. For inspiring so many to try to be as extraordinary as you were.

To do.

And then try to do more.

Soar in Peace, Mr. Thys.

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zeroine said...

Thanks honey.