Saturday, April 04, 2009

Forgotten But Not Gone

Ham seen above Pastrami

It reminds me of the curse a producer once said to me in Chicago:
"You keep that up and you'll work in this town again!"

As I pack up and leave San Diego after the triumphant and extended run of Shipwrecked!, I can't help stopping at D. Z. Akins, the venerable Deli that is a San Diego institution. A pastrami on rye for my drive North is just the thing. And yes, I am still there on the wall in black and white a couple of pics down from none other than Jim Plunkett! I will always have a soft spot for Sandy Ego and there's a nice naugahyde booth with a soft spot right under my yellowing headshot.

It was great to be in SD.
Great Weather.
Great theatre.
Great people.
(Ron Choulartan, John Tessmer, Todd Salovey, Sam Woodhouse et al.)

I'll be back.
Probably sitting in this same window booth, eating a pastrami on rye and pointing out my headshot to these ladies:

My peeps at D.Z. Akins

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