Sunday, July 13, 2008

Getting Cast

After the claustrophobia... Comes the prize. "Getting cast" takes on a whole new meaning as Sally Tonge, mask maker for Theodorus Terzopolous and major contributor to the Opening ceremonies of the 2004 Olympics makes a mold of my head.

After 45 minutes in darkness and silence and then being pried from your warm, wet, white cocoon to confront your image in negative is a true transformative experience.

I then sculpted a tragedians mask over the custom form. In honor of the 2 year old boy who is the son of one of our workshop participants, I named him Prince Davon of Hydra. Last night little Davon performed a complete menagerie of creatures for everybody under my direction. After each impression he'd run back to me and say "More."
At that age life is so simple. There is "Yes", "No" and "More". There is no room for "Maybe".

I'm finding that at my age too, "Maybe" is pretty useless.

That evening as the sun set over the Saronic Gulf I wrote the preceding reflection.

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