Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Night Before

It is the night before.
I am on board Valhalla, my 1969 Sparkman and Stevens designed Yankee Dolphin 24.
I leave for Greece tomorrow to participate in workshops and performances in a program called Playing to the Gods.
I say I am on board this charming little sailboat but in fact that is not how it feels at all.
I feel as if half my molecules are already leaking away from me and are arriving, swirling through some perfect gap in a trio of Doric columns that strand sentinel at some ancient mountain top oracle in some undiscovered corner of the Aegean.
In a couple days the rest of me will catch up.
First, my Aer Lingus flight will get me to Dublin, where my connecting flight leaves the next day at 2:00 for Athens.

Which leaves me 24 hrs. in Dublin.

There is a pint at Grogan's, (the pub that boasts the world's first liquor license with its 5' 7" ceilings and the River Liffey and the reek of Guinness in all its forms; spilled, pissed and regurgitated wafting through the doorway) in my future.

But right now its the night before and I'm just reveling in being on the precipice, floating on the water, half my molecules swirling past the ruins and knowing a great adventure begins tomorrow.

Muses! I Salute you! Guide me. I want to play with you!

...Stay tuned.

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