Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Oh Strange New World That There Are Such Computer Type Things In't

And so it begins.
Sean emails me my blog address and challenges/suggests I be witty and insightful.

He even calls me "Buddy" in the email. He always calls me "Buddy".
Does he do that with everyone?
Actually, I really like being called buddy.
Its like when people call me Ronnie. which, of course I hated when I was a kid. In fact, if you called me Ronnie in fifth grade it was grounds for a fight behind the handball courts after school. But now I really like the sense of buddy-ness that calling me Ronnie implies. How's that for insightful Seanie?
But I digress...

The other email I just got is from Joy. (Joy Meads, the very heart of the Calshakes machine) It included the Cast and crew list for The Tempest.


Lillian, the director, has really good taste!

Besides Stacy Ross, who I already knew was playing Trinculo and who is one of my favorite actresses on Earth, and Anthony Fusco, who I like to call "Fusco" because I consider him a buddy and had the pleasure of working with (and sharing a dressing room with) during The Gamester at ACT and who I am a huge fan of- Lillian has assembled the very cream of the Calshakes crop.

There's something about the beginning of a production, when anything and everything is possible that really floats my personal boat. The voyage is just beginning. And to stretch the metaphor: It looks like clear sailing ahead...

Next stop: The Tempest, 1st day of rehearsal

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